Hello, World.


I am Lisa. I am a cancer survivor, and I create through cancer.

Creativity flows through my veins. For many years I've worked in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area as a technical writer/graphics designer, with an event planning side hustle. 

Three years ago, I was diagnosed with last stage Multiple Myeloma (a blood cancer). After having stem cell transplant, I was terribly sick, restricted to the bed and house and bored out of my mind. Each day I worried that I would never be my creative self again.

One day I was watching Good Morning America's deals segment of the show, where a Silhouette Cameo 3 was being offered. Not clear what the machine was and simply hoping to place rhinestones on a shirt, I decided to go for it. I purchased the machine, and when I was able to get out of bed, months later, began tinkering and trying it out. Since then I have purchased a sewing machine, a serger, and many other tools that have moved me to new levels of creativity.

It has taken some time to build the strength to share with others my creations. I was fearful that others would not see in them beauty. Today I feel emboldened and welcoming.

Each item made embodies the strength, will, and creativity that flows through me. I share with you these gifts along with an occasional insight. I hope you like and enjoy my site and the items shared.

Thanks for sharing your time with me by viewing my blog and my passion. I hope you find something new and interesting.  

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